Rubies Aged Care Solutions

At Aged Care Solutions we see moving into an Aged Care Facility as a major decision in someone’s life. We believe that it’s not just about finding somewhere to live where care is provided. We also believe it’s about finding somewhere where someone can live and feel at home, feel safe and have quality of life.

We aim to assist in helping our clients find the right place for what they can afford, without having to wait too long without care, or even just being prepared for when the time comes when they require care.

We can provide assistance just “getting the ball rolling” by assisting in the initial stage of looking for an aged care placement, right up until moving into a an aged care facility.

During the first appointment

  • List of facilities
  • Different fees involved
  • Assistance with a GP (If required)
  • Geriatrician (If required)
  • Liaison from home/hospital to aged care facility
  • After hours assistance (Respite/emergency care)
  • Assist with waiting lists
  • Care Plan prior to entry
  • Medication charts and medications
  • ACAT’s
  • EPOA/Guardianship
  • Home Care Packages
  • Income assessment
  • Assistance finding allied health professionals
  • Advanced care planning

Subsequent appointments

  • Assistance with viewing facilities
  • Support when attending viewing of facilities
  • Escort to facilities
  • We also provide this service after hours for families with commitments during business hours, and if urgent care if required.
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