Rubies Day Center - Lets have Fun

Exciting Programs in our centers located across few states :

ACT - Flynn Hub West Canberra

NSW- Campbelltown- South Westen Sydney

WA- Balga - Northern Perth


DAY PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES “TO SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE AND EMPOWER.” All of our programs are created with a person-centered approach. OUR MOTTO We have a wide range of daily activities to cater for all age groups. Our programs are designed to be inclusive, supportive and fun, with a wide variety of outings from visits to Galleries/ Museums & Exhibitions as well as to the cinema. Art & Craft Progams including Candle and Soap making, as well as Cooking & Gardening activities. We are based in the Community Hub-Flynn ACT,Campbelltown-NSW and  Balga - North Perth. Lovely bright, safe space that is wheelchair friendly. Free coffee and tea are supplied to all of our participants. When you first meet a Rubies Support Workers you’ll and their professional confidence and commitment to excellence a source of inspiration and strength. Knowledge and years of experience, the sense of calm of someone who has supported others, just like you, will inspire your confidence. Rubies Community are committed to making your experience of home health and wellbeing care an opportunity to enrich your quality of life and reconnect you to your life’s passion. Our personal care support at home helps you feel connfident about your personal hygiene and grooming. Taking a shower, grooming, getting dressed or undressed and using the bathroom are things we take for granted. But they can be more difficult as we get older, or after hospitalization or an illness. Rubies Care Workers / Nurses can safely help with: • Assistance with getting in and out of bed • Support with dressing and also undressing • Manage your fastenings • Put on your compression stockings • Assistance with all of your personal care needs including showering and shaving • Support with toileting You decide how much or how little care and support you need. We know even a little bit of help can make all the diffence.We are a full package


 For more information: Please call 1300 651 649  or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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